Hall of Fame Plaque Unveiled

by Wildcat Press

TUCSON, AZ - Arizona's famed lacrosse coach, Mickey Miles Felton, often wraps himself in all kinds of red and blue regalia, from tennis-boots to wild western wear. He is always quite a sight to see. "Yowza is right!"

But this month the man with the melodious voice will be singing songs of joy as heaps of well-deserved praise are lavished upon him for his tireless work growing Arizona lacrosse into a nationally recognized program. Most recently the program and Felton were honored with the unveiling of the University of Arizona Men's Lacrosse Hall of Fame plaque at the Arizona campus sports recreation center. Felton was recognized as the program's first inductee during a ceremony in October 2018. And this evening, May 10th, the bright smile and twinkling eyes of our the program's patriarch will be on glorious display as he is inducted as part of the inaugural class to the the Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) Hall of Fame in Salt Lake City, UT (http://mcla.us/news/2019/03/-mclahof19-the-founders).

Coach has long been an active leader working to help grow the MCLA to more than +200 teams in ten conferences throughout the United States and Canada.

This recognition for Mickey is welcomed by hundreds of men (and a few boys) who passed through the Arizona lacrosse program going back nearly 50 years in Tucson. His leadership at Arizona was part of the early explosion of college lacrosse throughout the west and beyond.

Current Head Coach Matt Blamey added: "A team is different year to year. What defines a successful program is everyone involved past and present coming together. It's very exciting to see Arizona men's lacrosse becoming a permanent fixture on the walls of the University in the form of the Men's Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

This is a big step for our program. Huge kudos goes out to our alumni leaders, Dave Lyons, JB Bassett, Bill Small, Christian Schaefer Johnny Lai, Bake Shaffer, Brooks Singer and Kurt Veitch for their vision and commitment to seeing this through to completion. Congratulations to Mickey Miles Felton on his well-deserved induction."

The first full class of Arizona Lacrosse inductees to the Hall of Fame, focusing on the 1960's and 1970's era players and coaches, is planned for October 25 and 26 (Friday and Saturday), 2019. More details about that celebration will be forthcoming.